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Team building

Basic event

cca. 90  minutes
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Discuss the experieces

Our capacity

Our offer

2 – 34 people (90 min)

People divide into 1, 2… or 6 teams (maximum team size is 6) and every team try one escape room at the same time.

34 – 68 people (2.5 – 3 hours)

The team divides into 2 bigger groups. One group will play (in 6 smaller teams in the 6 rooms) in the first timeslot, and the other team will wait in our Lounge. For the waiting group we can organize a quiz game, or we can offer more catering options (including bites, sandwiches, dinner, or just drinks)

There is a 20-30 minutes break after the first group finished the escape game. After the short pause, the second group can try themselves in the escape room, and the first group can wait for the others.

Other activities

We offer various other activities for 2-3 hour team events or even a full day programe.



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Coffee arrangement

Would you like to wake the team with a nice cup of coffee or tea before you start the game? Choose our Coffee and tea arrangement with cookies (30 minutes)! The arrangement starts 15 minutes before the round and ends with starting the game.


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After an hour of hard mental exercise in the escape rooms you can get hungry. We offer you delicious sandwiches, warm paninis and soups for lunch in a separate lunch room, in our Lounge, or in a reserved conference room.

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Before or after the game you can have an excellent 3-course dinner at one of our partner-restaurants: Restaurant Loïc, Capriole, Mama Kelly, Bink Rooftop in the Binckhorst, or Madame Moustache Restaurant  in the Theresiastraat.

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After the game it’s nice to discuss your experiences over some snacks. We can arrange a wide range of finger-food and drinks to enjoy during the conversation. For a detailed menu please fill in the form below. Our coaching programme is currently available in English.

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Eat&Drink Packages
Did you get a little bit hungry after the intense escape room experience? (did the intense escape room experience trigger your appetite?)  Or do you need some extra energy before you start with the game? Combine your visit to Amaze Escape Events with a bite at one of our partners! Do you have a sweet tooth? Then try the applecake package. Would you prefer something savory? Go for pizza&wine, or burger&beer! Even oysters are a possibility!
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If the escape game isn’t challenging enough we can organize a Quiz game for your teams to find the smartest team. 1 Quizmaster, 6 exciting topics and 24 brain-teasing questions are going to put your wits to the test, while you can also enjoy a drink and a snack in our cozy lounge.

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Would you like to combine your escape room experience with a coffee workshop at Capriole Café?  We can also organise a more active workshop, like Krav Maga and Tango. Contact us for more information.



Conference room

Would you like to start the teambuilding with your own program? On the 5th floor of the building where our Escape rooms are located there are 2 spacious meeting rooms with 360º view over The Hague.
In the meeting rooms there are 2 flipcharts, but we can also provide beamers.


Dig deeper into the various roles held by team members, the quality of synergy reached by participants, and discuss the lessons learned from this unique gaming experience with our trained psychologists. The coaching programme is currently offered in English.

Boat Tour & Escape

Book a private or a guided boat tour with us to discuss the highlights of your escape room experience on the water with a cold beer in your hand! This is also the best chance to see the beautiful city center of The Hague from a unique perspective!
Please, contact us for more details.
Price from 32 EUR/pers.

Get an offer

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