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Remote Online Team Building

Many people are working from home. There are currently few moments, if any, for a company event, a get-together or team building activity. To keep the core of these important events, Amaze Escape presents the Online Escape Room as a remote team building activity.


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A team building, but remotely

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The remote team building experience of Amaze is playable with a team of 2 – 6 people, with an unlimited number of teams starting at the same time. The game time is between 75 – 100 minutes. Each participant plays from their own office, home or home-office. 

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You can play the game with 1 team already, however if within the company you create multiple teams, we can add an extra competitive element to the event.

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Participants log in on our site with a unique code. Once everyone is logged in, the timer starts running and the first puzzle appears.

It is important that during the game the players stay in touch with each other as you’ll need the effort of the whole team to complete the game. We advise to use a webcam, but its not strictly necessary. However, it is important to use a headset with a microphone for clear communication.

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A Remote Online Escape Room as Teambuilding

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You will play the remote escape room still as a team, but everyone can log in to our portal from their own computer.


The players can control the game with their mouse or touchpad…


inventory list logo

There is an in-game inventory where players can collect items, which will be needed to solve some games.

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Just as in a real live escape room, your team will have to find and solve puzzles and games to complete their mission.


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… and can enter codes and answers with their keyboard.


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If a team gets stuck you can always ask for a hint with the button provided.

How do you play an Online Remote Escape Room?

teammates logoTeammates:
We advise a maximum of 6 people per team to play the virtual escape room.


pc logoPC & internet:
You need minimal 1 PC with internet access (min. 10 Mbps).


web browser logo Webbrowser:
– Microsoft PC – Chrome, Brave
– Mac – Chrome, Safari.


communication logoCommunication platform:
You’ll need an online communication platform (such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Teams of Discord) to be able to communicate with your teammates.


microphone logoWebcam & microphone:
We advise to use a webcam, however, this is not required. It is recommended that you use a headset with a microphone to communicate with your teammates.


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What can we expect from the game?

game logoYou receive an email with a login in link to our Game Portal.



360 icon

360 interactive room view with props inventory.




Leaderboard with best times.


multiplayer 2Multiplayer interface – you see other team members’ actions.



fast icon

No advance booking needed. Directly playable.



escape room environment

Real escape room environment.

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