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Remote Online Escape Room

So you’ve burned through your Netflix queue, talked to family and friends countless times via Zoom and cooked more than you’d like to admit over these last few months of Covid-19 lockdowns — what’s next?

For those looking for a bit more interactivity in their entertainment, we have the answer for you: an online remote escape room (also called virtual escape room)!



What is an Online Remote Escape Room, or Virtual Escape Room?

A remote escape room, or virtual escape room, as the name suggests you can play remotely from your PC. You still play as a team, but every player can log into our portal from their own pc and play from the comfort of their tome. Just like in a live escape room, you and your teammates need to find clues and solve puzzles, but here you are playing in a high quality 360 degree interactive online environment..

You can play together from one computer, or everyone can play from their own PC. You can thus play from different locations. You are in control of the game flow and via our multiplayer interface you see the other players actions live.

Every participant receives a link with which they can log into our portal directly. You don’t need to create an account or book appointments in advance.

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How do you play an Online Remote Escape Room?

teammates logoTeammates:
We advise a maximum of 6 people per team to play the virtual escape room.


pc logoPC & internet:
You need minimal 1 PC with internet access (min. 10 Mbps).


web browser logo Web browser:
– Microsoft PC – Chrome, Brave
– Mac – Chrome, Safari.


communication logoCommunication platform:
You’ll need an online communication platform (such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, Teams of Discord) to be able to communicate with your teammates.


microphone logoWebcam & microphone:
We advise to use a webcam, however, this is not required. It is recommended that you use a headset with a microphone to communicate with your teammates.



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What can we expect from the game?

game logo

You receive an email with a login in link to our Game Portal.



360 icon

360 interactive room view with props inventory.




Leaderboard with best times.


multiplayer 2

Multiplayer interface – you see other team members’ actions.



fast icon

No advance booking needed. Directly playable.



escape room environment

Real escape room environment.


How to control the game

mouse logo

You control the game with your mouse or touchpad


inventory list logo

You have an inventory in game where you can collect items which you’ll use throughout the game.

keyboard icon

… and can enter codes and answers with your keyboard.


message logo

You can also ask for hints on the screen if you don’t know how to progress further.

The Story

door blood crazy doctor

Your friend, Anna had some symptoms of COVID-19, so she made an appointment with her doctor, Dr. Condor. She went to his private practice, but you haven’t heard from her since.

It’s been days! You decide to look for more information and find out something strange. Your friend Anna isn’t the only one who went missing after her doctor’s appointment… There are rumors that Dr. Condor is conducting horrific experiments on his patients… Someone should find out the truth. And you have to find Anna!

One of your friends has already made an appointment with the doctor, so you can help with the investigation. Can you find Anna, and make sure she is safe?!


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