Live video escape room - De Nr.1 Escape Room in Den Haag - Ontsnap uit 1 van onze 5 kamers

Live video escape room

Are you up for a special escape experience, even while still social distancing? Try our live video escape rooms!

Now you can try to make it out of our KGB and Crazy doctor rooms from the comfort of your home! Control and guide one of our actors through all corners of the room via the live video feed and help them escape! Give commands and interact real time with all objects in the room. You make all the choices… Will you solve all the riddles before the time runs out?


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KGB room

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The year is 1962…
You and your team of undercover CIA agents are on a mission in the Soviet Union. You are looking for documents which prove that the KGB is keeping classified information away from the rest of the world.

One of your fellow agents got captured and she is now locked in the headquarters of the KGB. Luckily, she still has her spy equipment with her! You need to help her escape from the grasp of the KGB. Along the way you will hopefully find the information you need, so you can complete your mission!

Crazy Doctor

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Your friend, Anna had some of the symptoms of COVID-19, so she made an appointment with her doctor, Dr. Condor. She went to his private practice, but you haven’t heard from her since. It’s been days!

You decide to look for more information and find out something strange. Your friend Anna isn’t the only one who went missing after her doctor’s appointment… There are rumors that Dr. Condor is conducting horrific experiments on his patients… Someone should find out the truth. And you have to find Anna!

One of your friends has already made an appointment with the doctor and will wear a hidden camera, so you can help her during this investigation. Can you find Anna, and make sure your friend does not go missing too?


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