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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the escape game requires brainwork & team thinking in the first place. No prior preparation is needed from your side, simply book the event and come by the Binckhorstlaan 135 to A-MAZE.

However there are some smaller physical parts of the game, so it is advised to have at least one member in the team without mobility problems. The game rooms are spacious enough to access with crutches & wheelchairs as well. The rooms are located in the basement and are accessible by stairs and with an elevator as well.

The escape room venue does play background music and also sound effects to alert the players about electronic hints. There is no hearing assistance system during the game; therefore at least one member is advised to play without hearing problems.

The lighting level is medium in all game rooms and reception.

Don’t worry if you are the anxious type, no scare-tactics are used during the game. The adrenalin-rush is simply due to the excitement of the search and the experience of becoming a team.

Please let us know of your specific requirements when booking your tickets in order to make best A-Maze experience. Also, please let us know if you miss anything, we’re constantly adding new information!

We welcome players over the age of 15 years, or if you are younger, please bring your parents or supervisors along.

When the day of the escape game finally arrives – please try to arrive on time for the game. The escape-time is 60 minutes; however, there will be a short instruction session beforehand.

Go to our Booking Page, select the escape room you would like to book, choose a free date and time from the calendar, enter your name, email address and telephone number and click “submit”.

Cancellations without a cancellation insurance are not possible.

It is possible to reschedule the booking up to 7 days before the original date of the booking. To reschedule a booking, send us an e-mail with the details of the reservation and the desired new date. The rescheduling of bookings is subject to the availability of the Huxley rooms.

You can purchase a cancellation insurance while making the initial booking, as an extra service, for 4,5 EUR/kamer. With the cancellation insurance, it is possible to cancel a booking up to 48 hours ahead of time, without incurring any extra costs.

For a reservation with offer, the rules on the offer are applicable

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. You won’t have to crawl around or do any physically strenuous activity.

If you’d like to give the escape room experience as a present to your friends or relatives, the gift card of A-Maze is the answer. If you’d like to buy one, please fill in the form under the Gift Card menu. You can pay by bank transfer or cash. You can pick up the voucher at the Binckhorstlaan 135 or we can send it to you by post. If you’d like to receive the gift card by mail, please indicate your postal address in your email and pay by bank transfer.

Most of the clues and riddles are not language based, so you won’t have to worry if your Dutch or English is not perfect. You and your friends and colleagues will just have to understand each other, as the most important communication takes place between the team members.

You can pay by bank transfer on the account listed below or cash or card on the date of your game.
Account number: NL10ABNA0538138629
Account Holder: Amaze Escape Events VOF
Bank: ABN Amro

KGB, Urban Legend, Crazy Doctor

group sizeper person
Group of 6€ 22,5
Group of 5€ 22,5
Group of 4€ 25
Group of 3€ 30
Group of 2€ 40
The Competition

group sizeper person
Group of 12€ 22,5
Group of 11€ 22,5
Group of 10€ 22,5
Group of 9€ 22,5
Group of 8€ 22,5
Group of 7€ 22,5
Group of 6€ 22,5

Game prices are calculated per person, but the minimum billed amount is calculated based on the number of the minimum players in the booked rooms. e.g.: If a team of 16 people booked 4 rooms, they will be billed for 19 people, because in 4 rooms minimum 19 people can play.

Our table below helps you to decide that how many room should you book for a certain amount of people.

Group size


2 - 6 people

1 room from:
Crazy Doctor / KGB / Urban Legend

7-12 pepolpe

2 rooms from:
Crazy Doctor / KGB / Urban Legend

8-12 people

Choose 2 rooms from:
Crazy Doctor / KGB / Urban Legend

Or choose:
The Competition

13-18 people

Crazy Doctor & KGB & Urban Legend

Or Choose: The Competition

And 1 room from:
Crazy Doctor / KGB / Urban Legend

19-24 people

The Competition

And choose 2 rooms from:
Crazy Doctor / KGB / Urban Legend

25-30 people

The Competition & Crazy Doctor & KGB & Urban Legend


If you’d like to come with a larger group, please let us know via e-mail or telephone and we can book multiple time-slots and customize them to your preferences. We are flexible and we can certainly customize the event to make the most of your team building, birthday, anniversary or get-together. Please find further details under the  Events page.      

Minimum 2, maximum 6 people can play in our KGB and Crazy Doctor escape rooms. We’d recommend at least 3 otherwise the game might become too difficult, which may ruin the experience. If you come along with more than 6 people the room becomes too crowded, which might spoil the fun. Of course, if you still decide to attempt the escape with 2 people or for the friendship’s sake you cannot leave the 8th person at home, we’ll do everything to make the most of your game experience. However, if you come’re with a group of 7 or more we would recommend to book 2 rooms.

The Competion is ideal for 6 – 12 people.

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