Please, always book an escape room at least a day in advance. If it is a same-day booking, please give us a call. But keep in mind that without an online booking we can’t guarantee a free spot.



The light blue timeslots are available, the red, green and dark blue slots are reserved.
– If there are more than 7 people in your team, book more rooms in the same timeslot.
– Games begin at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00.
– After your reservation, you’ll get a confirmation email.
– Check our Cancellation Policy on the FAQ page.
– By completing the booking you consent to the General Terms and Conditions.





French Apple Cake & Coffee

“Tarte tatin” is the French version of the Appeltaart. If you haven’t tried it yet, something is missing from your life. The apple melts on your tongue with the crispy dough and the sweet ice cream. Not just for sweet lovers!
Please, contact us for more details.
Price from 29,50 EUR/pers.

Burger & Bier & Escape

You’ll probably get hungry after the intense brain-workout in our escape rooms; to satisfy your hunger choose our Beer&Burgers Package served by our friend & excellent French chef, Eric, at Restaurant LOIC located in our building!
Please, contact us for more details.
Price from 37,50 EUR/pers.

Oyster & Wine & Escape

If you are in the mood for something luxurious after the escape room, then definitely try our Oyster&Wine Package, served by Restaurant Loic located in our building. Oysters are the best with their Sauvignon Blanc Chateua Normandy 2014!
Please, contact us for more details.

Price from 32 EUR/pers.

Pizza & Wine & Escape

Pizza and wine –  what a perfect combination! Book a Pizza and Wine arrangement next to your escape room experience. The arrangement is served in the Italian restaurant Piada, located right next to Amaze Escape Events. Ask about the possibilities. The prices start from 33 EUR/pers.

Escape & Bike
Do have time for a complete day program? Play an escape game in the morning, then jump on a bike and explore the beautiful city of The Hague! We will make sure that the bike is ready for you!
Prices start from 33 EUR/pers.
Boat Tour & Escape

Book a private or a guided boat tour with us to discuss the highlights of your escape room experience on the water with a cold beer in your hand! This is also the best chance to see the beautiful city center of The Hague from a unique perspective!
Please, contact us for more details.
Price from 32 EUR/pers.

Coffee workshop at Capriole Café

Would you like a longer program?
The coffee workshops at our neighbours in Capriole Café is a great choice next to our escape rooms.

You can choose between different workshops, such as:

  • Workshop coffee cupping:
    (max 10 people – from 20 EUR p.p.)
  • Workshop coffee roasting:
    (max 10 people – from 20 EUR p.p.)
  • Workshop Barista:
    (max 8 people – from 38 EUR p.p.)
  • Coffee Lecture:
    (max 24 people – from 7 EUR p.p)