Most of the escape game requires brainwork & team thinking in the first place. No prior preparation is needed from your side, simply book the event and come by the Binckhorstlaan 135 to A-MAZE.

However there are some smaller physical parts of the game, so it is advised to have at least one member in the team without mobility problems. The game rooms are spacious enough to access with crutches & wheelchairs as well. The rooms are located in the basement and are accessible by stairs and with an elevator as well.

The escape room venue does play background music and also sound effects to alert the players about electronic hints. There is no hearing assistance system during the game; therefore at least one member is advised to play without hearing problems.

The lighting level is medium in all game rooms and reception.

Don’t worry if you are the anxious type, no scare-tactics are used during the game. The adrenalin-rush is simply due to the excitement of the search and the experience of becoming a team.

Please let us know of your specific requirements when booking your tickets in order to make best A-Maze experience. Also, please let us know if you miss anything, we’re constantly adding new information!


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