Pop-Up Escape Room in The Hague University - De Nr.1 Escape Room in Den Haag - Ontsnap uit 1 van onze 5 kamers


Pop-Up Escape Room in The Hague University

On August 28 and 29 the new and current students of The Hague University of Applied Sciences got to experience a pop-up escape game, located in the University building.

During the two days a total of 140 people, split into 31 teams, took part in this adventure. The players were placed into, what they thought, was an ordinary escape room. Soon enough they found out that the were actually a part of a psychological experiment, designed to assess their problem solving skills and evaluate their abilities. The escape room included elements such as logic puzzles and riddles using UV light and augmented reality, which needed to be solved by working together and thinking outside of the box.

The 15-minute game was located in one of the locker rooms of HHS and was designed with the students in mind – all puzzles and riddles were customized for the occasion. The entire process, from brainstorming to design, testing and construction, took the Amaze Escape team about a month to complete.

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You can access the team photos here.