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«The new assignment »

The KGB room is a Cold-War era spy story. You and your teammates are CIA spies on a mission to infiltrate a secret KGB hideout and steal some confidential documents. But something went wrong and you are now locked in a KGB spy’s office. You have 60 minutes, can you escape from the grasp of the KGB?

Capacity: 2-6 people

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Crazy Doctor
«Your next appointment»

The Crazy Doctor kidnapped a girl from The Hague and one of her worst nightmares came to life in his operation room. By the end of the game you will find out if she could escape from the hands of Dr. Condor or not.

This room is not suitable for persons with limited mobility, light sensitivity or claustrophobia.
Minimum age: 16 years

Capacity: 2-6 people

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The Competition

In this futuristic battle arena two teams can compete against each other in individual rooms. The rooms are identical, so each step that team Black has to solve, team White has to solve as well. But only one team will find the key to escape as a winner! Are you better than your opponent?

Capacity: 8-12 people

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Amaze VR

Escape rooms enter a new dimension: VIRTUAL REALITY

A game unlike anything you’ve played before! Forget past escapes and immerse yourself in a new mission!

Capacity: 2-8 people

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About the Game

When was the last time you did
something for the first time?


CertificateOfExcellence2015Certificate Of Excellence 2016Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence 2017Amaze is here to offer you that unique first time experience! Are you up for the exciting challenge to solve the mysteries that lie within and escape from the Ministry? The game requires you to put your detective hat on and find all the clues hidden within each uniquely inspired room.


cca. 90  minutes
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Short introduction to the game and the rules

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Game (max. 60 minutes)

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Team photo

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Discuss the experieces

The rules are simple: Your team (2-6 players) goes into the escape room and the door closes behind you. Once inside, you’ll have 60 minutes to master a series of puzzles, riddles and mysteries to complete your mission. The pressure is on as the clock ticks away. All you’ll need to get out is your wits and teamwork. There are clues and riddles hidden deep within the room, so you’ll need the concentrated effort of the whole team to find them all. Communicate, cooperate and coordinate your search and you’ll be out before the time’s up, or else…


  KGB, Crazy Doktor

group sizeper person
Group of 6€ 20
Group of 5€ 20
Group of 4€ 22,5
Group of 3€ 27
Group of 2€ 35

The Competition

group size per person
Group of 12€ 22,5
Group of 11€ 22,5
Group of 10€ 22,5
Group of 9€ 22,5
Group of 8€ 22,5

Number of players in the booked rooms*

Booked roomsMinimum**Maximum
1 room2 players 6 players
2 rooms7 players 12 players
3 rooms13 players 18 players
4 rooms 19 players 24 players
5 rooms***25 players30 players

* With a team of 7 or more people (who play in 2 or more rooms at the same time) the price is 20 EUR/person in the KGB, Urban Legend and Crazy doctor rooms, and 22,5 EUR in The Competition.
** Game prices are calculated per person, but the minimum billed amount is calculated based on the number of the minimum players in the booked rooms. e.g.: If a team of 16 people booked 4 rooms, they will be billed for 19 people, because in 4 rooms minimum 19 people can play.
*** Booking of The Competition is counted as 2 rooms, because The Competition consists of two mirrored rooms (the Black and White rooms).


discount typevalue
Student discount**15%
Facebook brainteasers***15-30%
Amaze Marathon **** 2nd room for half price
Student Monday**30% discount on every Monday

* Only one type of discount can be applied per team. The above discounts are only applicable for private bookings.
** Student discount is applicable per person, only with a valid student card
*** Check our Facebook page for the details
**** In case of in advance booking of 2 different rooms after eachother with the same team, 50% discount from the price of the 2nd game.

Cancellation Policy

– Cancellation of 1 room is free of charge 48 hours before the reservation starts.
– Cancellation of 2 or more rooms is free of charge 7 days before the reservations’ date.
– Amaze charges 60 EUR/room for cancelling a reservation outside the free periods.
– Amaze charges 60 EUR/room for a “no show”.
– Cancelling a reservation is only possible via email through our Contact Form with the following information: Name, exact date and time of the reservation(s), room name.

For a reservation with offer, the rules on the offer are applicable

Payment is possible by bank transfer or by card.

Bank details:
Account number: NL10ABNA0538138629
Account Holder: Amaze Escape Events VOF
Bank: ABN Amro





pannekoek ijsje kinder prgrama
Pancake and Ice Cream!

Are you looking for a cool children party? Then this offer is for you!
One big pancake, one ice-cream and an escape room for 29 EUR!

Minimum age: 10 years

Between 6 – 14 players (inc. attendant)

bachelor party icon
Bachelor/ette Party

Are you organizing a Bachelor or a Bachelorette party and want to start the celebrations with a fun and exciting activity that will bring the entire group together? Then go for our Bachelor(ette) Party Package! You are going to be welcomed in style, be given the chance to add a personal touch to the escape room you will be playing and finish the experience with drinks and delicious bites.
Price:  €48,- per room. (exc. game price)

French Apple Cake & Coffee

“Tarte tatin” is the French version of the Appeltaart. If you haven’t tried it yet, something is missing from your life. The apple melts on your tongue with the crispy dough and the sweet ice cream. Not just for sweet lovers!
Please, contact us for more details.
Price from 29,50 EUR/pers.

Burger & Bier & Escape

You’ll probably get hungry after the intense brain-workout in our escape rooms; to satisfy your hunger choose our Beer&Burgers Package served by our friend & excellent French chef, Eric, at Restaurant LOIC located in our building!
Please, contact us for more details.
Price from 37,50 EUR/pers.

Pizza & Wine & Escape

Pizza and wine –  what a perfect combination! Book a Pizza and Wine arrangement next to your escape room experience. The arrangement is served in the Italian restaurant Piada, located right next to Amaze Escape Events. Ask about the possibilities.
The prices start from 33EUR/pers.

Escape & Bike
Do have time for a complete day program? Play an escape game in the morning, then jump on a bike and explore the beautiful city of The Hague! We will make sure that the bike is ready for you!
Prices start from 33 EUR/pers.
Boat Tour & Escape

Book a private or a guided boat tour with us to discuss the highlights of your escape room experience on the water with a cold beer in your hand! This is also the best chance to see the beautiful city center of The Hague from a unique perspective!
Please, contact us for more details.
Price from 32 EUR/pers.

Coffee workshop at Capriole Café

Would you like a longer program?
The coffee workshops at our neighbours in Capriole Café is a great choice next to our escape rooms.

You can choose between different workshops, such as:

  • Workshop coffee cupping:
    (max 10 people – from 20 EUR p.p.)
  • Workshop coffee roasting:
    (max 10 people – from 20 EUR p.p.)
  • Workshop Barista:
    (max 8 people – from 38 EUR p.p.)
  • Coffee Lecture:
    (max 24 people – from 7 EUR p.p)

Gift card

gift cardShare something amazing with your loved ones, and surprise them with an Amaze Gift Card and a live escape game experience!

Order a gift card now

  • 1. Your name and email address

    (The name you type in the Name field will appear as the giver on the gift card)
  • 2. Name of the Person / People to whom you would like to give the card

  • 3. Value of the card

  • 4. Choose between delivery and pick up

    (If you choose delivery, don't forget to provide your postal address in the Comment field.)

  • We can send the Gift card in letter after we receive the payment for the Gift Card to our bank account.
    Bank details:
    Account number: NL10ABNA0538138629
    Account Holder: Amaze Escape Events VOF
    Bank: ABN Amro

    You can also pick up the Gift Card in our office at a fixed time and pay in cash or pin.

    With regards to the value of the card you can choose from two options:
    - Choose an optional amount which will be deducted from the price of the game. If the amount doesn’t cover the full price of the game, the team has to pay the remainder after the game.
    - Choose a group size: pay the full amount of the game for a group size of your choice
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